Date and Time:

April 15, 2020 @ 2:00 pm EST, 11 am PST



How to maintain a high performing culture in a remote workforce

The COVID-19 crisis has forced 85% of organizations to shift to a new remote reality, while many have also faced difficult decisions such as furloughs, layoffs and pay cuts. With increasing uncertainty and a sudden shift to working remotely, now more than ever is the time to focus on team culture. Even if you still have 100% of your staff in place, a new work environment means different ways of communicating and collaborating. Some teams will be more effective and some will be less effective at making the necessary adjustments.

Think about it like this… While you and your employees may be fully engaged and productive in the old familiar office setting, the remote work experience is now very different and it’s (almost) like starting a brand new job.  

In this 45-minute webinar we will dive into:

  • Using behavioral science to identify team members who are more at risk
  • Pinpointing specific strengths and gaps in your team culture
  • Techniques for helping team members thrive in their new remote work reality

Find out if you or your team are at risk when working remote!

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