Meaningful Culture Begins with Measurement

28 Behaviors, Motivators, and Ideal Work Environment Levers that Drive Culture 

What is culture and what isn’t it? Culture isn’t a company’s vision, mission, benefits, nor is it defined by engagement surveys. It’s not the words written on your offices wall, coffee mugs, or screen savers. Rather, your culture is your people, their psychology, and the work environment they create.

To better address the underlying culture of your organization, Humantelligence came up with 28 of the most important behaviors, motivators, and ideal work environment measurements. To build a meaningful culture, start with measurement. Once you understand your current state of culture, you can be more intentional in maintaining or developing a desired culture and more effectively find the people who will thrive.

In this downloadable Infographic, you’ll learn:

  • Which behaviors are most important to measure when looking at culture
  • The measurable motivators relating to culture
  • How to measure the ideal work environment of people

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