Diversity of Thought in Corporate Culture

How Idea Inclusion Boosts Success

What is diversity of thought? It is the combination of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and personalities that each employee brings to the workplace culture that makes them think differently or hold different opinions than others.

In a recent HR.com and Humantelligence study where over 537 HR executives were surveyed, we found that 63% of professionals say their organization values diversity of thought. As a follow up, we polled 156 HR executives in a recent webinar where we found that 81% do not have a systematic or scalable way to evaluate diversity of though in hiring or among current employees. This infographic serves as a quick 3 minute guide on the topic of diversity of thought.

In this downloadable Infographic, we’ll:

  • Define diversity of thought
  • Present the problem surrounding diversity of thought today
  • Show the likely outcomes of a successful program surrounding diversity of thought

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