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for Creating a Start-up

Culture at Any Size

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If you’re struggling to reset a company culture that’s shifting to a remote-first or hybrid work model or you’re planning to launch a new business, this guide gives tried and true insight into why it’s important to build a culture by intention — from those who’ve done it! For start-ups to F500 and every size in between, you’ll take away best practices for investing time in culture planning, along with critical steps for both laying a strong foundation and sustaining — or course-correcting a stalling or declining culture!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What culture is (…and is not)
  • Why thinking and acting like a start-up can improve culture
  • Steps for laying a strong foundation
  • What to start, stop, and change right now
  • Using Culture-as-a-Service to scale
  • Critical actions for sustaining a positive culture

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