Live Panel Webinar

The Future of Work is Hybrid…

Are you ready?


Date and Time:

Wednesday, Date at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Location: GoToWebinar

What to consider when considering hybrid?

Join our guest when we discuss what to consider when creating a successful hybrid workforce plan. During this webinar, you’ll gain insight into:

  • What the new hybrid workplace looks like
  • Key elements required for a successful hybrid model
  • Important pitfalls to avoid
  • How to empower inclusivity and employee wellbeing

We’re all learning as we go, but we know two things for sure: flexible work is here to stay, and the talent landscape has fundamentally shifted. Remote work has created new job opportunities for most and granted choice on whether or when to commute. But there are also challenges ahead. Teams have become more siloed this year and digital exhaustion is a real and unsustainable threat. Join us when we discuss the most important factors to consider when creating a hybrid work plan.

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