The Future of Culture

Developing Teams & Talent Through Science & Intention

The future of culture is here and it starts with accurate measurement. Because 68% of the 537 HR executives we surveyed claim to use engagement surveys to measure culture, one might assume they are accurate. The problem though, is that the surveys themselves are flawed with self-reporting, subjective perception, as they attempt to measure a culture that may or may not have been properly communicated to employees by senior leaders.

To better address your future culture, we assembled this article to provide insights into what to measure and how to measure at the individual, team and group levels and how to use this data to become more intentional about building your culture.

    In this downloadable article, you’ll learn:

    • What culture is NOT
    • Why surveys should not be used to evaluate culture
    • How to assess your underlying culture at the individual, team, and group levels
    • The steps to take when defining your future culture

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