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Why Humantelligence?

Easily gain insights

Measure culture at any level of your organization to gain insights for success. 

Predict Success

Predict success at 60% success with EQ measuring behaviors, motivators, and work environment, while traditional IQ testing predicts at 30%.

Increase engagement

Give managers the power to uncover unique insights for every single employee.

Provide career mobility

Find internal opportunities for growth and watch your employee retention increase.

What our customers are saying

‘HT helps close the gaps between current culture and desired culture’

“When we need to help our customers to align their team culture with the company strategy, with HT we have a really easy-to-use tool to help teams to know their real culture, the opportunities that a given culture enable to execute their strategy, and the gaps to improve their capacity to be excellent…” 

Camilo C.

Consulting Services Director, H Plus

‘Great way for business of all sizes to hire the best people’

The assessment is quick and easy to take from a mobile phone. For administrators, the dashboard is clean and simple. The ability to take individual’s assessments and compare them to a group or teams is a phenomenal benefit.” 

Joel S.

HR Consultant, West Valley Business Executives

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