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In part 1, on January 23rd, we covered how to properly measure your culture in a way that lends to more effective culture management and hiring. Watch that video here and try the Humantelligence culture assessment for free below to get hands on experience on measuring your own culture.

Why Humantelligence?

Easily gain insights

Measure culture at any level of your organization to gain insights for success. 

Predict Success

Predict success at 60% success with EQ measuring behaviors, motivators, and work environment, while traditional IQ testing predicts at 30%.

Increase engagement

Give managers the power to uncover unique insights for every single employee.

Provide career mobility

Find internal opportunities for growth and watch your employee retention increase.

Features to optimize team and organizational performance

Self Assessment

Measure individual’s behaviors, motivators and ideal work environment. Gain insights for more effective communication and better understanding of one another. 

  • Only takes 12 minutes to complete
  • Available from any device
  • Access online or download summary and detailed reports

Culture Analytics

Uncover unique culture insights for every employee. Use talent analytics and data aggregation to create engagement and drive optimal performance. 

  • Measure and gain insights for success
  • Understand what work motivators contribute to the team’s culture
  • Create a more effective and productive work environment

Talent Fit for Recruiting

Fill positions and deliver data-driven recommendations to hiring manager with quality candidates who are a strong culture fit.

  • Select new hires faster
  • Identify opportunities for internal mobility
  • Choose candidates that are a better fit for your company

Engagement Suite

A suite of products that help with the continual engagement and performance management of your entire company.

  • Assign actions to complete with launch and due dates
  • Track progress at the individual, team or and divisional level
  • Promote feedback between peers, manager/subordinate, or others

Integration with HR Platforms

HT Connect delivers seamless integration of employee and candidate culture analytics to your applicant tracking system or HRIS.

  • Consolidate and streamline the recruiting process to hire for predictive success and reduce turnover
  • Leverage culture insights in employee success programs to increase engagement

What our customers are saying

‘HT helps close the gaps between current culture and desired culture’

“When we need to help our customers to align their team culture with the company strategy, with HT we have a really easy-to-use tool to help teams to know their real culture, the opportunities that a given culture enable to execute their strategy, and the gaps to improve their capacity to be excellent…” 

Camilo C.

Consulting Services Director, H Plus

‘Great way for business of all sizes to hire the best people’

The assessment is quick and easy to take from a mobile phone. For administrators, the dashboard is clean and simple. The ability to take individual’s assessments and compare them to a group or teams is a phenomenal benefit.” 

Joel S.

HR Consultant, West Valley Business Executives

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