Upskill. Promote. Plan for the Future.

Lighthouse Research & Advisory found that 88% of employees would stay at a job if they had career and growth opportunities ahead, but more than 60% have left a job because they didn’t see advancement. 

That’s where we come in.  Increased engagement and retentionlower costs, a shorter time-to-hire & onboard, and more effective succession planning are just a few of the benefits you reap when you focus on promoting from within.

We help you identify and ready your team members for those opportunities. With Humantelligence, you’ll establish performance benchmarks, gauge predictive success, tailor training and learning, and make data-informed internal mobility recommendations that both fill gaps and increase diversity of thought.

If you’re looking to increase employee retention by more effectively promoting internal candidates, request a demo today.

Features to develop self awareness & emotional intelligence across your organization

Self Assessment

Measure individual’s behaviors, motivators and ideal work environment. Gain insights for more effective communication and better understanding of one another. 

  • Only takes 12 minutes to complete
  • Available from any device
  • Access online or download summary and detailed reports

Culture Analytics

Uncover unique culture insights for every employee. Use talent analytics and data aggregation to create engagement and drive optimal performance. 

  • Measure and gain insights for success
  • Understand what work motivators contribute to the team’s culture
  • Create a more effective and productive work environment

Talent Fit for Recruiting

Fill positions and deliver data-driven recommendations to hiring manager with quality candidates who are a strong culture fit.

  • Select new hires faster
  • Identify opportunities for internal mobility
  • Choose candidates that are a better fit for your company

Engagement Suite

A suite of products that help with the continual engagement and performance management of your entire company.

  • Assign actions to complete with launch and due dates
  • Track progress at the individual, team or and divisional level
  • Promote feedback between peers, manager/subordinate, or others

Integration with HR Platforms

HT Connect delivers seamless integration of employee and candidate culture analytics to your applicant tracking system or HRIS.

  • Consolidate and streamline the recruiting process to hire for predictive success and reduce turnover
  • Leverage culture insights in employee success programs to increase engagement
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