Humantelligence Webinar


Dispelling Common Company Culture Myths to Drive Better Performance

Date and Time:

Tuesday, March 22 at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Location: GoToWebinar

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Make Company Culture your Competitive Advantage.

Culture is vital to a company’s success because it sets the tone for its future performance. And yet for most, company culture is not well developed and often an afterthought at many organizations despite being viewed as essential to success. When you focus on company culture and align it with your business objectives, you’ll attract top talent, retain and engage current employees, see productivity increase, and as a result, experience a surge in profitability.

And as crucial as workplace culture is, it also remains misunderstood. When you join us for this webinar, we’ll dispel some of the most common company culture myths and share key actionable takeaways so you can focus on cultivating the kind of organizational culture that empowers employees, drives performance, and supports effective collaboration.

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