Live Two-Part Webinar


Team Effectiveness: 

How to Increase Engagement & Team Performance through Accelerated Trust-Building

Session 1: Tuesday, January 25 from 12pm to 1pm ET 

Session 2: Thursday, January 27 from 12pm to 1pm ET

Location: GoToWebinar    

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Increase Team Engagement & Performance through Trust-Building

The Future of Work is remote! More than 75% of employees expect remote work to become a standard everywhere, as the number of distributed teams around the world continues to increase at a steady pace. One of the most important things you can do to ensure team effectiveness is to fast-track the trust-building process.

Join Humantelligence and Nikki Kagan, corporate facilitator, leadership coach, and author, for a two-part live webinar event where we’ll share strategies to improve your remote or hybrid team’s performance in the new year. And it all starts with trust.  When you join us for the two-day event, you’ll gain insight into:

  1. Why high trust teams outperform their lower trust counterparts by 50% 
  2. How to expedite the trust-building process, removing interpersonal roadblocks to achieving results 
  3. How understanding the “why” behind one’s actions changes our response to their behavior
  4. How having a collective view of team motivators, energizers and priorities are powerful diagnostics for strengthening team performance
  5. How both communication and collaboration can be strengthened through mutual understanding

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