Don’t Blow the Budget Because of Poor Retention & Excessive Turnover.

Studies predict every time you replace a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months of that salary — and if you’re experiencing a Great Resignation, that could blow your budget! Plus, you’ll lose productivity from that role as well as experience negative culture impact and a corresponding decrease in others’ engagement.

With a culture intelligence and engagement platform, you can change that by building more engaged, higher performing teams. Using psychometrics, we uncover the behaviors, motivators, and work energizers of employees and help you use that data to improve communication and collaboration within your teams. You’ll also better engage employees when you align them around key strategic goals and their own performance tracking — delivering fast, measurable business results.

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What you get with your team culture mapping

Self-Assessment for 7-10 team members

Measure individual’s behaviors, motivators and ideal work environment. Gain insights for more effective communication and better understanding of one another. 

  • Only takes 12 minutes to complete
  • Available from any device
  • Access online or download summary and detailed reports

Team Culture Analytics

Uncover unique culture insights for every employee. Use talent analytics and data aggregation to create engagement and drive optimal performance. 

  • Measure and gain insights for success
  • Understand what behaviors, work motivators, work environments contribute to the team’s culture
  • Create a more effective and productive work environment

Develop a Target Culture

Calibrate a target culture and track progress in real time.

  • Set targets based on the behaviors, work motivators, work environments that lead to success
  • Uncover cultural nuances using data on tenure, geographic location, and your KPI’s
  • Become more intentional in managing and developing your team

Access Email & Calendar Plugins

Infuse collaboration into your team’s every day work. 

  • Get tips to improve team communication and collaboration
  • Available on Google and Outlook email and calendar and Slack

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