5 Post-Pandemic Recruiting Trends Here to Stay

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Don’t lose out on the war for talent!

Current trends—many accelerated by pandemic forces beyond our control—have changed the rules of recruiting and acquiring talent, requiring organizations to adapt and embrace new practices to compete and triumph in the future war for talent…and a war, it has become! 

This guide is for talent acquisition and recruitment professionals, as well as hiring managers who are responsible for candidate sourcing, selection, hiring, and onboarding. It provides insight into the latest — and what are proving to be long-lasting recruiting trends — as well as strategies for adapting your processes so that you can deliver better quality candidates to your organization.

In this ebook, we’ll discuss the impact of the following critical trends and how you can continue adapting your processes post pandemic.

  • Trend 1: Internal Mobility Surge

  • Trend 2: Virtual Recruitment & Hiring

  • Trend 3: A Bigger Role in DE&I Initiatives

  • Trend 4: Technology Investment on the Rise

  • Trend 5: A Re-positioning of Recruitment

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Intentional Culture

Culture Management

Impact of Change on Culture

Employee Retention

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