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Diversity: A Result of a Transformed Corporate Culture

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Diversity: A Result of a Transformed Corporate Culture

Companies create diversity initiatives with the idea that diversity should be attached to the existing company culture. This is a shortcut and a mindset that will continue to fail until every individual can make contributions towards establishing a new culture. Diversity shouldn’t be a goal, rather an outcome driven by a change to the underlying cultural fabric of an organization.

If your company focuses on establishing a “diverse culture”, or diversity of thought, then “diversity” will follow as an outcome or byproduct.  Like processes come out of a “structured culture”, not because people are thinking “we need processes”. Think about it like this. Start by measuring your underlying culture (behaviors, motivators, ideal work environment) and attach things to it like performance metrics, tenure, demographics, etc. Now you have a baseline of data that you can break down across teams and identify gaps in your culture. From there, you can set targets, and be more intentional in hiring for diversity of thought, high performers, people who will stay longer, etc. If you can’t measure your culture, you can’t manage it to the outcome you desire – in this case “a diverse culture”.

If the goal is “culture shift”, then the outcome is “diversity” and other competitive advantages. Your culture is the first step that opens the door to diversity, and diversity opens the door to innovation and other opportunities. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the steps to establish a new, diversity-focused culture.

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