Creating Great Corporate Cultures:

11 Keys to Nurturing a Performance Based Corporate Culture

11 Keys to Nurturing a Performance Based Corporate Culture

Like most HR professionals, you are constantly looking for ways to better support your people. And that support really starts internally, with a strong culture. But do you understand your current culture? Can it be improved? And is the talent recruited representative of those cultural expectations?

To better address these needs, we partnered with to conduct a study with 537 HR executives across virtually every industry. For the purposes of this study, we define corporate culture as “the behaviors, motivators, values, and work styles of a team, a group of teams and/or an organization as a whole.”

In this downloadable whitepaper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess and define your culture
  • Recruit candidates that “fit”
  • Create cultural consistency across departments
  • Measure and manage culture

Instantly access this whitepaper to better understand:

Intentional Culture

Team Subcultures

Recruiting Bias

Employee Retention

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